My New Drum Tracks – No.1 – Rock Drums – Tempo 140

Hey guys,

Well this is a very quick update to say after struggling to find any decent drum tracks online…. I decided to create some of my own! Lots of drum tracks that I have found have had a few problems

  • Crap sounding drums
  • Too many fills
  • Always trying to be sold things

Now nothing annoys me more than someone offering a drum track, when really they just want you to sign up to their website. I also loathe drum tracks which have literally been created with “LM-7″ (the worst drum plugin to grace the earth)  and with constant fills every 4 bars. I cannot stand trying to practise scales or chords when all I can hear is the distant ring of tom toms :(

So here is my first one and if you want anything else please let me know as I will be a lot of videos over the next few weeks!

Enjoy guys and I hope you find this useful!

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