FretWraps – String Dampeners – What do you think?

Hey everyone,

I created my first spoken YouTube video and am pretty pleased with how it has come out. I do whine on so feel free to skip around the video and I promise I will try and keep my videos a bit shorter next time!

I really do have a love hate situation with the fretwrap. I love them in the sense that they make recording a lot easier and they really help to keep your tracks clean. However I get concerned when new people start playing the guitar that they start reaching for the fretwrap because their latest youtube guitarist is using one. I encourage people to use fretwraps if they play hardrock/metal but also remember when you practise to take the bloody thing off! If you cannot hear your fret buzzes you will never improve your technique and if you can get your playing clean without a fretwrap…. with one it will be in a completely different league.

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