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Riffs, Beards and Gear – Riff Competition Entry

Hey guys,

Well I didn’t make the top 50 for the Jam Track Central competition…. but hey roll on the next competition!! I have created this riff for the Riff, Beards and Gear competition and I’m pleased with it.

The contest has some restrictions which meant not altering the tempo of the drums or how they are played. This is a little restrictive but at least everyone has the same constraints I do :D anyway check it out and wish me luck!!

Syncopated Rock Drums – 120BPM Backing Track

Hey guys,

Well another beat added to YouTube and currently getting around 1,000 hits per month on my videos which considering I have been rather inactive on YouTube I am happy :)

This is another rock drum backing track which is syncopated and should be really fun to play along with. I have been experimenting with some different presets and tweaking things, so if you like the drums sound or think something sounds bad, tell me and I can take a look :)

Enjoy and expect a few more drum videos in the coming weeks \m/ Rock On \m/

A Plea to those who review Guitar Pickups

Hey everyone, this was just a quick video to try and get those who review guitar pickups to try and show off the pickup and not all the other stuff they have. I am tired of seeing pickup demos that only concentrate on a distorted sound and with a whole heap of effects or post production.

Pickups do sound very different from one another but these reviews that focus on the volume at 10, distortion at 10 and a whole heap of other stuff do no justice to the pickup, the review becomes quite pointless. So please if you do review pickups, make sure you give the audience a chance to really hear what it can do in with a variety of tones


Guitar Warm Up – Using 3rd and 4th fingers

Hey everyone,

I have uploaded a new warmup exercise that will hopefully get people switching between their usual 1,2 and 3 fingers to 1,3 and 4. The great part about this exercise is that it helps with loads of riffs and encourages you to be able to use both your 3rd and 4th fingers.

A lot of exercises focus on just using the 4th finger but this can cause problems for those who lack the strength to play with it for ages. In this exercise we switch between fingers to help build up the power in your little finger gradually. Enjoy

Learning Tremolo/Alternate Picking for Guitar

Hey well I have been quite busy trying to just get more comfortable infront of the camera and thought I would try and tackle how we can get our picking in great condition.

Now in this tutorial I really try to focus on what the conditions are that make alternative picking possible. I don’t focus on using a particular type of plectrum, because people can pick incredibly fast with large plectrums, I just prefer to use Jazz III’s.

Watch the video and really pay attention to how far you move between the strings for picking and use a metronome to help you keep it locked in time! Good luck and if you have any requests for videos or anything else, stick it in the comments on YouTube or on my blog here :)

FretWraps – String Dampeners – What do you think?

Hey everyone,

I created my first spoken YouTube video and am pretty pleased with how it has come out. I do whine on so feel free to skip around the video and I promise I will try and keep my videos a bit shorter next time!

I really do have a love hate situation with the fretwrap. I love them in the sense that they make recording a lot easier and they really help to keep your tracks clean. However I get concerned when new people start playing the guitar that they start reaching for the fretwrap because their latest youtube guitarist is using one. I encourage people to use fretwraps if they play hardrock/metal but also remember when you practise to take the bloody thing off! If you cannot hear your fret buzzes you will never improve your technique and if you can get your playing clean without a fretwrap…. with one it will be in a completely different league.

Country Drum Backing Tracks

Hey guys,

Just a very quick update as I have been so rubbish with keeping this blog updated. I am getting my soundcard fixed at the moment so when it is sorted I will be doing a lot more videos.

I have created two new drum tracks for Country style guitar which I hope people will enjoy using. I have created one which is quite up tempo (180bpm) and another which is a more traditional train beat (130bpm). I have tried to keep the fills down as again these are for practice so we don’t really need a song!

Tradional Country Train Drum Beat – Tempo 130

Uptempo Country Drum Backing – Tempo 180

I hope that people get some use out of these and if you have any requests put them in the comments on YouTube :)