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Punk Rock and Four on the Floor Drum Beats

Hey guys,

Here are a couple more drum videos that I have created. One is based around the classic Four to the Floor (Floor on the Floor) drum beat and the second is a classic Punk Rock beat with a 150bpm tempo. I will be making some more Punk Rock drum beats soon as there is a massive range of tempos for this style.

Four on the Floor Drum Beat – Tempo 120

Punk Rock Drum Beat – Tempo 140

Hope you enjoy the drum beats and as always I have tried to keep the fills to a minimum. This really is due to the fact when playing along too many fills can be distracting, especially for a beginner! I will create more drum parts that have more fills later on, but for now they are supposed to be quite plain :)

Cheers H

My New Drum Tracks – No.1 – Rock Drums – Tempo 140

Hey guys,

Well this is a very quick update to say after struggling to find any decent drum tracks online…. I decided to create some of my own! Lots of drum tracks that I have found have had a few problems

  • Crap sounding drums
  • Too many fills
  • Always trying to be sold things

Now nothing annoys me more than someone offering a drum track, when really they just want you to sign up to their website. I also loathe drum tracks which have literally been created with “LM-7″ (the worst drum plugin to grace the earth)  and with constant fills every 4 bars. I cannot stand trying to practise scales or chords when all I can hear is the distant ring of tom toms :(

So here is my first one and if you want anything else please let me know as I will be a lot of videos over the next few weeks!

Enjoy guys and I hope you find this useful!


Well here is my first post on my blog….hopefully someone will read it ;)

To introduce myself I am Henry and I have been a secondary school teacher for around 7 years. I started this blog because I wanted to try and promote the things I do and help others who might want to go into teaching. I see this blog as a place where I can express my views and hopefully help some people with guitar.

I have played guitar for over 20 years and still enjoy playing (thankfully!). Learning the guitar took a while but looking back I realise I should have done a few things differently and I aim to try and stop others from falling into the same pitfalls that I did. My guitar tutorials will not be about becoming the greatest guitar player but more about being the best guitar player you can!

Not all guitarists want to shred around the fretboard and likewise not all guitarists want to play C,D and G for the rest of their lives. This really means that I will try and balance my tutorials between learning some chords and playing lead guitar. This should mean everyone can pick something they enjoy doing and have a go! The main thing is to USE YOUR EARS because they usually tell you more about what is going wrong than your fingers do.

My first tutorial will be about getting started on the guitar. I will include some information about guitars, amps, leads and effects to try out. I will also explain why I think private tutors can be effective but also how without proper practise can be a waste of money. Many thanks for reading my first post and hope you enjoy the videos :)